Blue Road Music

Blending Music & Purpose

We’re a boutique music production house & publishing company based out of Atlanta, GA.

Some of our latest releases

Halsey – “Without Me” (Donovan Jarvis Unofficial Remix)
Post Malone – “Wow.” (Donovan Jarvis Unofficial Remix)

Our Why…

Turning to music is the vice so many depend on for comfort, joy, and many other emotions.

Experiences you can’t explain through science occur when you’re indulging in music that you truly connect with. Our sole goal is to continually play a part in this vast ecosystem of Art, Science, and connectivity by contributing original ideas to society.

“We can only exist in the worlds we believe in.”

Outdated Lease Collection

As of 6/1/19, we are discontinuing the leasing of tracks.

The instrumentals in the catalog below can now only be purchased exclusively. First come, first serve. If an instrumental disappears from the listing below, its exclusive rights have been purchased. To review the exclusive rights agreement, download it here.

3-month payment plans available.